Category: Attitudes

  • And a new project starts: The Art of De-biasing

    And a new project starts: The Art of De-biasing

    As Simlab at Koç University, we are joining NTCenter (BG, project leader), Bash Art Creative (UK-Scotland, project coordinator), Institute for Contemporary Education (RS), Edulin (NL), Arteveldehogeschool (BE), Delft Digital Learning (PT) and Drawing to Health (NL) in a new project called the Art of De-biasing.  The project aims to contribute to a growing field of applied research on processes that can be used to reduce…

  • Introducing a “multidimensional privacy attitudes scale”

    Introducing a “multidimensional privacy attitudes scale”

    As one of our first research project in SIMLAB (founded in late 2012), we (Lemi Baruh & Zeynep Cemalcılar) had been working on developing a multidimensional privacy orientation scale. The scale is summarised in an article published in November 2014 in Personality and Individual Differences. The article reports that individuals’ decisions about level of privacy they need…

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