Category: Bias

  • Kicking off Disinfo Academy

    Kicking off Disinfo Academy

    So, time for a new project. We have just had our kick-off meeting for the Disinformation Academy, an Erasmus+ project (2022-1-BG01-KA220-HED-000085747). Our aim in this project is to increase public awareness of the availability and application of information verification methods and procedures, with a specific focus on digital-sourced misinformation and manipulation operations and individual resources.…

  • And a new project starts: The Art of De-biasing

    And a new project starts: The Art of De-biasing

    As Simlab at Koç University, we are joining NTCenter (BG, project leader), Bash Art Creative (UK-Scotland, project coordinator), Institute for Contemporary Education (RS), Edulin (NL), Arteveldehogeschool (BE), Delft Digital Learning (PT) and Drawing to Health (NL) in a new project called the Art of De-biasing.  The project aims to contribute to a growing field of applied research on processes that can be used to reduce…

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