Seminar at Koç University by Levent Soysal

Koç University, College of Social Sciences and Humanities Seminar Series presents:

Levent Soysal, Associate Professor (Ph.D. Harvard University)
Kadir Has University, Department of Radio, TV and Cinema

Civilizing Istanbul: City, Spectacle, and World Culture


Istanbul has come of age since the Millennium and landed itself on the world map of metropolises.  Istanbul is now the proud host of mega spectacles and banks its future(s) on the promise of culture/creative industries. In particular I focus on aestheticization and festivalization of Istanbul’s cultural landscape in the process of Istanbul as European Capital of Culture in 2010.  My animating concern is to explicate the transformation of the cultural and social topography of the city under the duress of neo-liberal re-building and globalizing desires, as it gets incorporated, yet again, into the new world culture and economy.

Time: 3:45pm
Location: Social Science Building, SOS Z 27
Tea & Coffee served 3:30pm;
Presentation begins 3:45pm

Open to All

Note to my students:
The seminar is particularly recommended for Soci360 – Political Economy of Communication and Information





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