New Undergraduate Certificate Program in Design at MAVA

Koç University, Department of Media and Visual Arts, Undergraduate Design Certificate Programme (BDes Certificate) offers an opportunity to diversify students’ studies, and incorporate design, design skills, and design thinking into overall academic experience of the student. Programme gives an overview of basic design skills and issue related to the design profession; it is intended to enable students from engineering, humanities and social sciences, management, and other majors to interact effectively with professional designers.  Our design education focuses on learning by doing, on a balance of theory and practice, and developing a student’s individual creativity when solving problems for users.

All undergraduate Koc students with good academic standing are eligible to apply for admission to the BDes program. Students who complete  three required courses and two elective courses out of the nine courses listed below will be awarded the Bacholar Design Certificate. Any of the courses below may be substituted for other equivalent courses upon authorization by the Faculty Council of the department offering that course. Courses completed prior to the application to BDes certificate program will be counted towards the requirements, if they are among the specified courses. A student can fulfill part of the requirements of the BDes Certificate by taking an “Independent Study” on a relevant topic from one of the participating departments in lieu of a required course with the prior consent of the BDes Certificate and the independent study instructor. The average grade from the five courses must be at least 2.50. A student failing to meet this grade requirement is not qualified to receive the certificate. BDes certificate will be presented to the student completing the certification requirements along with the Bachelor’s degree at the time of graduation from the University.

Required Courses

Elective Courses  (two of the following courses)

  • MAVA 203 Basic Studio Drawing
  • MAVA 209 Advanced Topics in Basic Design
  • MAVA 314  Design Thinking For Interactivity
  • MAVA 320 Design History
  • MAVA 327 Typography
  • MAVA 328 Advanced Typography
  • MAVA 321 2D Animation
  • MAVA 423 Animation
  • MAVA 424 Game Design




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