PhD and MA Studentships at Koç University

We are looking for candidates for PhD and MA studentships at the Design, Technology, and Society program at Koc University for two projects.

Online Socialization and Social Media
Investigators: Lemi Baruh, PhD, email: lbaruh[at] & Zeynep Cemalcılar, PhD, email: zcemalcilar[at]

The candidates will become a member of new research team that studies online socialization, interpersonal relationships and social media, mobile communications, and persuasion. Currently the team works on a number of projects, including the impact of self-disclosure on social network site (SNS) based relationship initiation, privacy in mobile environments, and individual differences regarding the uses of SNS.

Successful candidate(s) should have:

  • A graduate degree (MA, MSc) in related fields, such as social psychology, media studies
  • A working knowledge of experimental design and survey research methods
  • A working knowledge of quantitative data analysis
  • Proficiency in English

Although not required, knowledge of computer programming languages will be a plus.

Use of Media Technologies in Emergency and Crisis Communication by the Public
Investigator: Lemi Baruh, PhD, email: lbaruh[at]

This project aims to identify and create a typology of communication needs in crisis situations (e.g., political crises, protests) and emergencies (e.g. earthquakes, radioactive spills, violent attacks on civilians); describe the various roles that citizens may assume in emergency communications; examine how conventional and new media technologies (and particularly mobile technologies and social media) can be utilised by various citizens groups involved in emergency communications; and summarize ethical issues concerning citizens’ involvement in emergency communications.

Qualified candidate who will work as a Ph.D. or a Master’s student in this project should be highly versed in new media technologies, recent developments in hardware and software applications for social media and mobile communications. Also the desired candidate should have a working knowledge of qualitative data collection methods, including interviews, focus groups, and textual analysis. Proficiency in English and in Turkish is required. Proficiency in additional foreign languages will be a plus.

For both projects, please check the Design, Technology and Society webpage for information regarding the application procedures.

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