Seminar at Koç University by Deniz Selman

Koç University, College of Social Sciences and Humanities Seminar Series presents:

Deniz Selman, Assistant Professor (Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania)
Boğaziçi University, Department of Economics

Title: “Political Knowledge and Voting Behavior”

Abstract: Political knowledge is an important factor in understanding voting behavior, particularly when voters’ policy positions conflict with those of their favored candidate. In this paper, we use the National Annenberg Election Survey (NAES) for the 2004 U.S. election to directly estimate voters’ ideological positions, candidates’ ideological positions, and voters’ knowledge of candidates’ ideological positions. We then analyze the relationship between these estimates and the individual’s vote in the 2004 presidential election. The NAES asks voters for their own stances and for the candidates’ stances on specific policy issues. Because candidates’ stances on these policies are known, the data allow us to (1) estimate voters’ knowledge levels using item response theory, and (2) simultaneously estimate the positions of voters and candidates on the same spectrum. Typically, in the empirical literature, individuals’ ideological positions are taken from self-reported placement on an ideological spectrum. Here, we use Poole and Rosenthal’s (1985, 2000) spatial model to estimate ideological positions, treating individuals’ opinions as Poole and Rosenthal treat roll-call data for legislators. This method recovers the underlying ideological space while avoiding the perception issues associated with self-placement. Assuming that voters prefer to vote for the candidate whose ideological position is closer to their own, we find that more knowledgeable individuals are far less likely to vote for the candidate farther from them. Moreover, significantly more voters vote “mistakenly” for Bush than for Kerry. Though a majority of voters have ideological positions closer to Kerry, Bush receives more votes due to this pattern of mistakes.

Location: Koç University, Main Campus SOS Z 21
Time: December 15, 2010. 16:45

Faculty Position at Media & Visual Arts Department

Koç University, Department of Media and Visual Arts, invites applications for full-time faculty positions of any rank (beginning September 2011). Qualified candidates should have a Ph.D. at the time of employment. Areas of specialization are flexible, but candidates with applied and/or research experience in the following fields are especially encouraged to apply:

* Communication/cultural studies
* Film and video
* Interaction design and visual communication design
* Animation and gaming

For full details: Job Announcement

Book on Interactive Marketing

After almost a year since we organized a workshop on Interactive Marketing, our (me and Müberra Yüksel) edited volume on advertising in interactive media is out.

The title of the book is “Değişen İletişim Ortamında Etkileşimli Pazarlama”, which can roughly be translated as “Interactive Marketing in an Evolving Communications Landscape”. The book  investigates theoretical (i.e. interactivity and simulations), practical (viral marketing, advergaming, datamining) and ethical (i.e. privacy) dimensions of interactive marketing.

We would like to extend our thanks to our contributors, Kadir Has University, Tubitak and Doğan-Egmont Publishing

Here is the list of our contributions (in order of appearance):

  1. Parlak Bir Ekran ve Üzerindeki Parmak İzleri (Lemi Baruh & Müberra Yüksel)
  2. Yeni Bir İletişim Ortamı, Yeni Bir Medya (İsmail Hakkı Polat)
  3. Etkileşim Boyutuyla Yeni Medya (Nurhan Babür Tosun)
  4. Haberlere Kliklediniz: İnternet Ortamında İçerik Yönetimi ve Habercilik (Pınar Seden Meral)
  5. Etkileşimli Pazarlama Nedir? (Tanses Gülsoy)
  6. Yeni Nesil Pazarlamanın Anatomisi (Fikret Şahin)
  7. Bir Internet Tezi (Cemil Türün)
  8. Fırsatlar Ağı: Sosyal Medyada Marka İletişimi ve Viral Pazarlama (Lemi Baruh & Ayça Kırgız)
  9. Geleceğin Öncü Mecrası Mobil Pazarlama: 4. Ekran (Melis Türkmen & Elif Tözge)
  10. Reklam Oyunlarının Pazarlama İletişiminde Oynadığı Stratejik Rol (Müberra Yüksel)
  11. Moda Sektörü ve Fiziksel Perakende (Nur Baytok)
  12. Entegre İletişim Araçları Kullanımı ve Medya Planlamasında Yaratıcılık (Bilgen Başal)
  13. Web Veri Merkezleri, Gizlilik ve Pazarlama

In addition, the book contains a short dictionary focusing on terminology used with respect to new media and interactive marketing.The dictionary was edited by Tanses Gülsoy.

To buy the book:
Değişen İletişim Ortamında Etkileşimli Pazarlama kitabını'den satın al!

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