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  • Freedom to Ring

    Previously I had mentioned an “interesting” case about American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers asserting that when somebody’s cell phone’s musical ringtone sounds in a public place, they are infringing copyrights.  Here is the update about the case from EFF: A federal court yesterday firmly rejected that argument, ruling that “when a ringtone plays… Read more

  • New Media BA/MA Program @KadirHasUniversity

    After two years of planning (and a huge amount of paperwork) and half a year of waiting for approval, we are proud to announce the founding of a new program at the Faculty of Communications at Kadir Has University: New Media (BA/MA) An undergraduate (BA) program and a graduate (MA) program in New Media are… Read more

  • Copyright and Control…

    (Source: XKCD) Compare and contrast. Above is the content delivery model that the beloved copyright industry wishes to have (circa 21st century)  (or at least a parody of it).  Below is Harold Lasswell’s model of communication from 1948. Does it seem like we progressed at all? Read more

  • Ethics? Anyone?

    When it comes to the issue of online file sharing the representatives of the copyright  industry (RIAA, MPAA etc.) often play the “moral” card (e.g. you would not steal a bread would you?, pirated DVD’s help terrorists etc).  A relatively recent book by Tarleton Gillespie (Wired Shut: Copyright and the Shape of Digital Culture) provides… Read more

  • Site of the Month – August:

    Now, here is some information to consider before your decision about whether you want to sign up for the new Windows 7. Please visit and share… Read more

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Greetings from Istanbul, Turkey. This is Lemi Baruh. I am a faculty member at the Department of Media and Visual Arts (MAVA) at Koç University.

Here is what I look like.

Image courtesy of Ekin Yay, from MAVA. If interested in seeing other Koç University faculty members in typortrait form, click here.

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