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  • The hidden cost of e-books

    As a person who spends about 12 hours a day in front of the computer screen, one thing that I can never do is read an article or a book from the computer screen.  Even with a two-page article, my impulse is to first print the article and then read it.  For this, I apologize… Read more

  • Kadir Has University Department of Advertising New Pamphlet and Logo

    As some readers may know, I am currently an Assistant Professor at the Department of Advertising at Kadir Has University.  One of our recent graduates–Mustafa Karamangil–designed our new logo and a pamphlet for the department. The pamphlet displays recent work from our students. You can view the pamphlet online: E-pamphlet Or download the PDF: Pamphlet… Read more

  • Beware what you read and what you opt out of…

    A few years ago, in an article published in New Media & Society (2007), I attempted to draw attention to a recurring problem with respect to user privacy online: the lack of transparency surrounding the data collection/sharing/use practices make it almost impossible for even the most “savy” user to actually challenge corporations’ “interpretations” about who… Read more

  • Frontiers of Permission Culture

    A few days after the (please put your indecent adjective here) decision of a U.S. jury in a federal retrial to penalize Jammie Thomas-Rasset with $1.92 Million for 24 songs she downloaded from internet (for those of you who are not good with numbers that makes $80,000 per song), the copyright industry seems to seek… Read more

  • A new book on Social Interaction Technologies, coming out soon

    Here we are again with an announcement of a new book… This new book, perhaps the first of its kind, is  edited by Tatyana Dumova and Richard Fiorno and is entitled Handbook of Research on Social Interaction Technologies and Collaboration Software: Concepts and Trends. The book is expected to be out in July, 2009 from… Read more

  • Book on Interactive Marketing

    Book on Interactive Marketing

    After almost a year since we organized a workshop on Interactive Marketing, our (me and Müberra Yüksel) edited volume on advertising in interactive media is out. The title of the book is “Değişen İletişim Ortamında Etkileşimli Pazarlama”, which can roughly be translated as “Interactive Marketing in an Evolving Communications Landscape”. The book  investigates theoretical (i.e.… Read more

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Greetings from Istanbul, Turkey. This is Lemi Baruh. I am a faculty member at the Department of Media and Visual Arts (MAVA) at Koç University.

Here is what I look like.

Image courtesy of Ekin Yay, from MAVA. If interested in seeing other Koç University faculty members in typortrait form, click here.

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