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  • ICA Presentation on Social Media and the “New Surveillance”

    As the ICA Conference in Chicago came to a close earlier this week, I guess it is time to share my and my coauthor Levent Soysal’s presentation during the conference… with special thanks to Monroe Price (panel chair), Mihaela Popescu, Ece Algan, Mark Andrejevic and Shoshana Magneti. Here is the link to the presentation Read more

  • The sunblock print ad that shines bright under the sun

    A recent magazine insert for Sundown Solar Protection has a little trick up its sleeves: when you expose the insert to light, the man who does not use Sundown gets sunburn and the woman, apparently using Sundown,  gets a nice tan. Advertising Agency: DDB, Brazil Creative Directors: Rodrigo Almeida, Renata Florio, Júlio Andery, Rodolfo Sampaio,… Read more

  • ICA Conference is this week

    The annual conference of the International Communication Association (ICA) will be held this week (May 21 – May 25) in Chicago.  I (along with Levent Soysal) will be presenting a paper called “Social Media, Public Intimacies and the Transformation of Contemporary Surveillance.” The panel will  include Mark Andrejevic, Shoshana Magneti,  Mihaela Popescu and Ece Algan.… Read more

  • Societies Under Siege Conference – Presentation

    About two weeks ago, an international conference entitled Societies Under Siege: Media, Government, Politics and Citizens’ Freedoms in an Age of Terrorism was organized by the Faculty of Communications at Kadir Has University (organization committee chair was Dr. Banu Baybars Hawks). I also had a chance to present a paper and  revisit some of my… Read more

  • Greetings

    Well…Welcome to LemiBaruh\PORT.  I am slowly in the process of moving my online presence from miscellaneous web pages that I rarely update to WordPress.  Soon to come: Music Research Presentations My ramblings on digital media, digital rights, privacy and surveillance Read more

About ME

Greetings from Istanbul, Turkey. This is Lemi Baruh. I am a faculty member at the Department of Media and Visual Arts (MAVA) at Koç University.

Here is what I look like.

Image courtesy of Ekin Yay, from MAVA. If interested in seeing other Koç University faculty members in typortrait form, click here.

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